Philosophy, politics and economics. The philosophy here is centrally concerned with the human good: the politics and economics, with the promotion of the human good in a more equal and just world. For more detail see the first post on the blog, ‘Areopagus: a manifesto’.

Areopagus: a manifesto

This blog is concerned with philosophy, politics and economics.

At the heart of philosophy are the questions: what should we be promoting ? what kinds of human life should we want to see more of ? what ways of life should make us glad when we see people living them ? I call this the investigation of the human good, and am working on a substantial book on the subject. The philosophical posts here will be partly related to this large project, though I’m also interested in other aspects of philosophy – in both Anglo-Saxon and ‘continental’ modes.

The political commentary here is rooted in the traditional left-wing conviction that the world is unequal and unjust and that politics can change this. But ‘equality’ can mean many things: a better account of the human good can help us see which kinds of equality are important. And we need a politics that is more radical than prevailing centrist political parties but more effective and constructive than prevailing radical protest.

 My experience in development economics, as well as the philosophical investigation discussed above, will inform an economic commentary touching both on economic theory and approaches to economic change in different parts of the world.